“Kung’s work speaks to a continued place for painting as an emotive experience, in this case centered in a resolution between the calm and chaotic.  A metaphor for a visual world that is currently overpowered by a proliferation of images and their outlets, painting today can maintain both a vital distance and a meaningful perceptivity via its own logic.”

– Erin Devine, curator & art critic

My work derives from a process based on responses to materiality and mark making, as well as images derived from memories and observation from the built and natural environments.  Each piece begins with a gesture that sets into motion subsequent moves.  Hard-lined geometry and improvisational gestures are applied in layers, modifying and obscuring earlier efforts.  Shapes, volumes, and directions emerge from the buildup of intuitive and carefully-considered marks. Chance, an invaluable part of the process, disrupts habitual boundaries and pushes the work unanticipated trajectories.  This process would continue until the work appears to hover between perfection and imperfection, chance and control, density and weightlessness.

The work accrue structure and meaning through the accumulation of time and full measures of attention.  Usually, a piece would sit for days before the next move can be intuited.  More often than not, the most satisfying pieces are those that end up in entirely unexpected places.  For me, the act of painting slows down time…like a quiet inner center amidst the frenetic rush of daily life.