Chee-Keong Kung’s work are built up overtime with layers of color glazes, calligraphic brushwork, and hard-lined geometry.  Subsequent gestures erase, modify, or add to the underlying images.  Kung is interested in the perception and absorption of visual information, and in the emotive resonance that grows out of the act of seeing.  He works with a library of evolving visual vocabulary that originates from the media milieu and observations from the natural and man-made environments.   Clouds, scribbles, architectural elements are used as triggering devices to instigate new works and jolt works-in-progress out of habitual trajectories.

Kung’s works are in private, corporate, and institutional collections, including The National Museum Art Gallery of Singapore and The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.  Born in Singapore, Kung studied art & architecture at the University of Houston and real estate at Cornell University.  He lives and works in McLean, VA.